Patient Reviews

 By Anon on 2019-08-01
Review for Milu Sinha
My experienced with the Clinic is totally satisfactory. The office staffs are
friendly and courteous, the Assistants are skilled and Dr. Milu Sinha is
professional, knowledgeable and caring. Lastly the Clinic is organized, clean
and neat.

By  Ryan Yamagata on 2019-07-30
Review for Milu Sinha
Very caring and efficient staff.

By Manish Gautam on 2019-05-12
Review for Milu Sinha

By Suganya Ravichandran on 2019-03-05
Review for Milu Sinha

By Anon on 2019-02-28
Review for Milu Sinha
Siempre me an atendido bien amo y mis hijas, pero sobre todo no se
exceden de pasientes y nos dan el tiempo a cada uno de nosotros…

By Ariana Aguilera on 2019-02-12
Review for Milu Sinha
My kids love coming to the dentist. Dr. Sinha and her team are always
friendly and provide excellent service.

By Chinh Pham on 2019-01-31
Review for Milu Sinha
Thank you Dr. Milu Sinha for your gentle and kind care….Best regards.

 By Anon on 2019-01-27
Excellent doctor and staff. The level of care is awesome.

 By Anon on 2019-01-27
Review for Milu Sinha
Very caring service.

By Reema Suresh on 2018-12-12
Review for Milu Sinha
Brenda and Dr. Milu were great. I was very nervous about my wisdom teeth
removal procedure and they put me at ease. They were very understanding
and explained the procedure and addressed all my concerns. Dr. Phan was
great as well. He is very specialized at what he does and was very thorough
and quick. I did not feel any pain. I would definitely recommend Smile Zone
Family Dental and will come back here again!by  Noor Mumtaz on 2018-11-12

Review for Milu Sinha
Great staff and service. I take my kids here and they are wonderful with
them to help decrease their anxiety about going to the dentist. The staff
make it a relaxing experience.

By Anon on 2018-11-03
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Sinha and her team gave us top notch customer service.

By Francisco Ilog on 2018-10-31
Review for Milu Sinha
An Excellent Dentist.. The best Dentist I have encountered.. Realy care
about her patients well being..

By Mohammed Hussain on 2018-10-16
Review for Milu Sinha
Great Service and no waiting,frienfly staff able to answer any questions.

By Anon on 2018-07-23
Review for Milu Sinha
Excellent service, very attentive

By Abdul-Rahman Mohammed on 2018-07-21
Review for Milu Sinha
I fully satisfied with Smile Zone Family Dental I e Dr Milu Sinha for my
dental treatment.They are taking care of every patient with sincearity and
utmost satisfaction to the patient

By Yagya Sharma on 2018-07-15
Review for Milu Sinha
Very satisfied with the courtesy and with the results of treatment.

By Arash Ashofta on 2018-07-12
Thanks a lot everyone is very kind & friendly best customer service & special thanks
for sinah !

By Zhuang Ju Fang on 2018-07-11
Review for Milu Sinha
Nice person

By  Bobby Thomas on 2018-07-10
Review for Milu Sinha
we loved the care and dedication the doctor has towards every aspect of the
treatment. she was able to put me at ease and get my work done , to my
expected levels. my family has been going to her for past 2 yrs and we have
had no negative experiences.

By Milo Bugarini on 2018-06-26
Review for Milu Sinha
Always excellent service!

By Anon on 2018-05-22
Review for Milu Sinha
Staff is very friendly and a very good atmosphere.

By Anon on 2018-04-29
Review for Milu Sinha
Wonderful doctor!

By Lilian Maher on 2018-04-21
I started going to Smile Zone because it was near my work and home and loved it so
much that after we moved, we traveled all the way from Oakland for dental visits. My
oldest kid would always ask if he could go see Mr. Thirsty and friends. I was looking
forward to bringing my twin babies to join the SZ family but I had to switch insurance
otherwise we’d gladly make the trek for the most friendly and awesome dental office
ever. They were not only great with kids but grown ups! We miss your wonderful
dental team and wish you the best!

By Lisa Torres on 2018-04-14
The staff was very informative, kind, and thourough

By Giuseppe Mazzeo on 2018-03-31
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Milu Sinha and her staff are very professional and friendly. Going to the
dentist is usually scary (for a couple of reasons!), but this is not the case at
the Smile Zone Family Dental.

By Amy Kruschke on 2018-03-22
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Sinha and all of the staff are professional, friendly and understanding.
They are gentle and kind.

By Mohinder Kler on 2018-03-17
Very nice and cooperative

By Anon on 2018-03-12
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Sinha is a wonderful friend and a great dentist! She often goes out of her
way to help us out, on matters even outside the scope of dentistry. Very
happy to have found her. Her staff is very courteous and helpful too!

By Kedar Patel on 2018-03-05
Fast and reliable. Good work too. Have not had problems w my teeth following visits

By Dennison Sumague on 2018-02-25
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Sinhu and her staff are very accommodating and easy to talk to. You
would never be embarass or feel scared of asking any questions.

By Anon on 2018-02-21
Great service and the dentists take their time to explain things about the procedure
being done. Even a filling is explained step by step when it’s being done and I
appreciate the good bedside manner that the dentists possess at Smile Zone Dental.

By Anon on 2018-02-10
Everyone here is so friendly and is really patient with me. They help me calm my
nerves each visit and are more than happy to give me advice to keep up with my oral

By Anon on 2018-02-02
Review for Milu Sinha
Very good experience visiting at Smile zone family dental. Dr Milu has very
good experience and treatment process. Thanks

By Juan Diaz Orellana on 2018-02-01
Review for The Phan
Dr. Phan was straight forward oral procedure. He was fast and made the
procedure painless. Took the time to check after the procedure by calling.

By Wanzhen Shi on 2018-01-13
Prompt service without much waiting. The skills of the dentists are good. The staff is

By Giuseppe Mazzeo on 2017-12-19
Professional, kind, and recommendations in the patient’s best interest.

By Naga Chendica on 2017-12-10
I just arrived on time and they have called me in less than a minute. Finished cleaning
and check-up in 30 min. I am out in 30 min. Excellent service. I strongly recommend
Dr Milu Sinha to everyone.

By Anon on 2017-12-10
Review for Milu Sinha
My family and I have been under Dr. Sinha’s care for dental hygiene and
she’s the best

By Anon on 2017-12-10
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Sinha and her staff are the most caring people

By Abel Abraham on 2017-12-10
Review for Milu Sinha
Very good service!!!

by Anon on 2017-11-21
Review for Milu Sinha
Treats well.

by Derrick Davis on 2017-11-12
Review for Milu Sinha
I love milu! She has totally transformed my smile !!!! I am no longer
embrassed to smile in pictures !! My friends and family also go to her , they
all thanked me for referring them to her . Milu is just pure GREATNESS

by Marshall Bugarini on 2017-

Marshall is always happy to come in to see everyone there at SmileZone.

by Anon on 2017-10-21
Review for Milu Sinha
Everybody in the office was very friendly and the doctors were efficient and

by Anon on 2017-10-19
Dr. Sinha and her team are professional, fun, and nice. We always enjoy our dental

by Suzanne Talbot on 2017-10-17
Review for Milu Sinha
My experience at smile zone family dental was a very positive one. The staff
are friendly and professional. I reccomend to anyone looking for a
trustworthy dentist.

by Abigail Romo on 2017-10-05
Review for Milu Sinha
Excellent dental office. Everyone is so helpful and kind. Highly

by Sandhya Rani Mallick on 2017-09-23
Thanks for saving and restoring my teeth

by Yagya Sharma on 2017-09-20
Review for Milu Sinha
Highly professional work with lot of courtesy.

by Scarlett Mcintosh on 2017-09-17
Review for Milu Sinha
She is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She listened to my concerns regarding
my teeth and previous procedures, she explained what could be going on,
and what steps I could take next. She obviously values informed consent
and patients making the best decisions for themselves. She corrected
poorly done fillings by a different dentist that had made my mouth
uncomfortable for over a year. I like that she does the teeth cleanings to
make sure she doesn’t miss anything going on with your teeth. I feel very
grateful to have such a great dentist that also accepts medi-cal. Her reviews
were very reassuring and it was worth the long commute!!

by Vivek Verma on 2017-08-29
Review for Milu Sinha
As usual, excellent service

by Karen Newell on 2017-08-05
Everyone at your office is so kind and caring .

by Katarina Raj on 2017-07-25
Review for Milu Sinha
Since we started visiting Dr Milu Sinha it has always been a fun trip to the
dentist’s office. Everybody in her office is super nice – always cheerful and
ready to help (whether it’s rescheduling an appointment, babysitting my
infant while I am getting my teeth checked or answering a million questions
about a procedure). I also love how caring and patient they are with my
3-year-old son who usually does not want to go home from there.

by Michelle Dellenbaugh on 2017-07-18
Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

by Anon on 2017-07-17
Staff are very courteous, friendly and very professional! They provide all the
necessary information to help make decisions on our dental treatment. It is always a
pleasant experience!

by Anon on 2017-07-14
Review for Milu Sinha
Warm welcoming environment and experienced staff. I have been visiting Dr
Sinha for the last two years. I know keeping up dentist appointments is
difficult, but Dr Sinha staff is accommodative to fit in my busy schedule.

by Bhaskara Nemuri on 2017-07-13
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr. Milu Sinha take care her patients very well

by Pavani Nemuri on 2017-07-13
Review for Milu Sinha
The way Dr. Milu Sinha explains and take care of patients is really good.
She gives very important to her patients and very co-operative. I will
recommend my friends to this doctor.

by Anon on 2017-06-23
Review for Milu Sinha
Fantastic service

by Laura Mazzeo on 2017-06-22
Review for Milu Sinha
Dr Sinha and her staff are awesome! We love them and they are
professional and caring at the same time.

by Naga Chendica on 2017-06-13
Excellent service my Dr. Milu Sinha. Taking of the customer needs very well. I am
recommending Smile Zone Family Dental to my friends and families.

by Varalakshmi Sivaramakrishnan on 2017-06-13
Review for Milu Sinha
She is very patient, helpful and gentle in her treatment

by Anon on 2017-06-11
Review for Milu Sinha
they provide you excellent treatment and very good hospitality. Explain
things very well and patiently listens what we have to say . I will recommend
my friends and family there.

by Uzma Shoukat-Mumtaz on 2017-06-01
Very friendly and efficient staff! The quality of the work is great.

by Amit Chakrabarty on 2017-05-13
Great service and on time . Thanks

by Teresa Aguilar on 2017-05-13
I very happy with your service. Your looks very good. Thank you for everything

by Archit Bose on 2017-04-14
Review for The Phan
He was done quickly and called up to make sure our son is okay

by Milo Bugarini on 2017-04-03
Review for Milu Sinha
As always the team at Smile Zone was very patient, kind and professional
with my son.

by Marshall Bugarini on 2017-04-03
Review for Milu Sinha
As always the team at Smile Zone was very patient, kind and professional
with my son.

by Vivek Verma on 2017-03-24
Review for Milu Sinha
Excellent service

by Gholrothai Soltani on 2017-03-24
Review for Milu Sinha
She is the best Dr.

by Gholrothai Soltani on 2017-03-24
Review for Milu Sinha
She is nomber 1 i like her.she is the best Dr.

by Savita Jayaprakash on 2017-03-07
Review for Milu Sinha
Very personalized and caring service! I’m very happy with Dr. Sinha and her

by Sacheen Kamath on 2017-02-19
Review for Milu Sinha

by Anon on 2017-01-27
Review for Milu Sinha
Does a good job in cleaning and explains what and why she is doing certain
things. A little more time could be spent with each patient and it would be
nice to double check that all questions are answered.

by Anon on 2017-01-27
Review for Milu Sinha
I am her patient for years but she maintains to provide her best dental

by Anon on 2016-12-15
Hibba the new front desk lady is awesome, she really broke down my financial
options to me, Dr. Sinha is fantastic and the hygienist is awesome and gentle.

by Sarika Padwal on 2016-09-30
The Most skillful hands in dentistry I have ever seen which makes dental procedures

by Rita Rodriguez on 2016-09-17
Very fast. Very nice people.

by Jeffrey Copp on 2016-09-13
Great service as always.

by Ryan Yamagata on 2016-08-17
Very courteous and caring staff and of course Dr Sinha!! Gentle touch to dentistry.

by Swati Kothari on 2016-08-16
Experienced and welcoming staff. had a good experience at the clinic.

by Marshall Bugarini on 2016-08-11
Thank you so much for speaking and treating my son with such kindness and
care.He’s never been hesitant or afraid to go to the dentist and in fact looks forward to
it because of you. (his mom – Jennifer Bugarini)

by Jennifer Bugarini on 2016-08-11
The care and service is exceptional. Thanks!

by Milo Bugarini on 2016-08-11
Great care as always! Thanks!

by Julbre Estrada on 2016-08-09
Excellent services always

by Anon on 2016-08-04
Very courteous staff and dentist. She explains everything step by step so you know
what’s haopening at every step of the way.

by Christophe Allaire on 2016-08-01
The hygienist was AMAZING for my Son’s first dentist appointment! I was blown away
how she got everything done, exam, cleaning, AND flossing on a 2yr old, without any

by Kiwoba Allaire on 2016-08-01

by Anon on 2016-07-23
Poor customer service. Inconsistent service. Within one year, 5 stars to 1 star.

by Vartika Abhishek on 2016-07-16

by Rajasekhar Santosh Kumar Allavarapu on 2016-07-09
I liked the way the doctor and her associates showed me problems with my tooth and
helped me understand procedures required. Also, the procedures done so far did not
trouble me much later which is great. Especially, a filling which was repaired – I had a
lot of trouble with it last time but seems like its been taken care in a better way this
time around.

by Rita Rodriguez on 2016-06-22
So nice. They take time to explain things.

by Vasanthakumar Thirugnanam on 2016-06-10
Clean and Hygiene process. I am very comfortable to visit again

by Anon on 2016-06-05
Very friendly atmosphere for Adults and Kids. They explain you everything in detail
with no questions in your mind. i am very happy and will recommend

by Shaina Bedekar on 2016-05-27
Very good! Dr and staff is fantastic!

by Sung Choe on 2016-05-07
As always, Dr. Sinha was very professional and very understanding. She played both
the Dentist and Psychologist, working on my teeth and putting my mind at ease
through the procedure. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great

by Brandt Edwards on 2016-05-03
We were extremely impressed! She was kind, patient, and gentle. She cleaned my
five year old’s teeth for his first dental check up and made him feel very comfortable
and special. This was an exceptional experience for my son. She also educated him
on the best way to brush his teeth in a manner where he really listened, cared, and
wants to clean his teeth. Thank you!

by Efrain Castanon on 2016-04-30
Very friendly staff. Felt very comfortable.

by Anon on 2016-04-25
Recently, I had a root canal surgery. I was thinking it will take an hour to do the root
canal. I was all done in less than 20 mins . I was really surprised … the doc who did
my root canal was awesome. She did my root canal like how magicians do
was that quick. After that my crown was also done fast. Everything was done in 1
hour. They are very efficient. 5 star from me.

by Maya Cespedes on 2016-04-21
We took my very apprehensive 5 year old daughter there for her Kindergarten
registration appt. Everyone was very pleasant and professional, the office was very
clean and nicely decorated and their playroom for kids is great, just what my little one
needed to relax her a bit. I would recommend Smile Zone to anyone looking for a
dentist for your family.

by Varalakshmi Sivaramakrishnan on 2016-04-12
Dr. Milu is a wonderful dentist always smiling and ensuring the best treatment that we
can get!! She is the favorite dentist of my children !

by Gloria Lat on 2016-04-09
Dr. Milu Sinha is very good dentist. The front desk people are very helpful and
friendly. You won’t regret choosing her to be your dentist.

by Antonio Puntero on 2016-04-09
Their location is very close to our place and they have friendly staff clean atmosphere
and with always friendlier smile specially my dentists doctor

by Abigail Romo on 2016-03-22

by Varalakshmi Sivaramakrishnan on 2016-03-17
It is wonderful care and attentive treatmentioned that we get st Smile zone . Dr. Milu.
Has expertise that show in her work.

by Romina Nisha on 2016-03-10
Great as always. Excellent service from every single person that works there. Its our
pleasure to go to Smile Zone Family Dental.

by Anon on 2016-03-03
Staff was friendly and Dr.Sinha and nurse explained cause and effect clearly. Happy
with Smile zone family dental.

by Jeffrey Copp on 2016-02-24
Great survice as always.

by Anup Mohan on 2016-02-23
She is very friendly and explains the whole process of what she will be doing to our

by Pegi Allardyce on 2016-02-19
Everyone employed there is ultra-kind, friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel I’m
in good, gentle hands when I am there, and I will be told the truth about the condition
of my teeth. The cost will be explained in detail. I’m very happy with Dr. Sinha and her

by Sona Sharma on 2016-02-17
Dr. Sinha is very honest and explains everything in detail. She is very helpful and
always willing to answer questions. She is very helpful and I would recommend her to
everyone for their dental work.

by Anon on 2016-02-17
Very courteous staff and Dr. Sinha is very patient and during a procedure she
explains everything that is about to happen before and during. I would recommend
this practice to anyone that is looking for a good dentist.

by Anon on 2016-02-12
Very friendly, clean, understanding and patience. They worked with me to find a good
schedule and took their time to explain the different options to fix my teeth. Friendly
atmosphere and clean. Doctor is knowledgable and tries her best to reduce your
discomfort / pain. She educates patients to take better care of their teeth. My boys
like her too.

by Anon on 2016-01-27
Great team,excellent service,great attention to detail, they exceed your expectations
every time.

by Lita Harrison on 2016-01-23
If you’re like me and visits to the dentist give you heart palpitations, then DDS Milu
Sinha is for you. She tells you what to expect every step of the way. She reminds you
to keep breathing when the numbing begins, when the drilling is in process. She tells
you to “tell yourself that everything is okay” and take deep breaths. (It works!) She
calms you and takes care of you through the whole process. You feel like you’re in
good hands. The rest of the team is nice also, but Milu Sinha is a jewel. I hope I can
keep going to her compassionate practice for a long time.

by Vinod Suresh on 2016-01-15
Pleasant and well informed checkup and treatment.

by Anon on 2016-01-14

by Sandra Taylor on 2016-01-14
Dr. Sinha replaced a crown for me. She did a great job and explained what she was
doing while she worked, so I knew what to expect during the procedure.

by Vineeta Mishra on 2016-01-12
Excellent doctor and wonderful staff. My parents had teeth issues and they took time
to explain the evaluation and questions patiently. Both my parents and I were
satisfied and impressed with services. Definitely my go to place for all dental needs. I
wish they had clinic in the peninsula area as well.

by Vinod Suresh on 2016-01-07
Professional and painless

by Steven Holmund on 2015-12-22
Dr. Sinha and staff went out of their way to fit me in and resolve my problem on the
day before their Christmas vacation. Dr. Sinha is an excellent dentist. She is also a
fine educator providing her patients with clear explanations of dental problems and

by Romina Nisha on 2015-12-10
our family of 5 always have a great visit
by Imtiaz Ali on 2015-12-10
perfect as always

by Imtiaz Ali on 2015-12-10
great as always

by Sandra Taylor on 2015-12-08
This is the best dental office I have ever been to. They honestly care about you.

by Marshall Bugarini on 2015-12-04
As always the staff at Smile Zone was fantastic. Thanks Vera & Dr. Sinha for
squeezing Marshall in last minute and for always being so kind and gentle with him.

by Michael Bugarini on 2015-12-04
Friendly, honest and quick. Very accommodating to my busy schedule

by Anon on 2015-11-25

by Jeffrey Copp on 2015-10-27
This place is tops!!

by Jeannie Kim on 2015-10-20
Dr. Sinha and all the staff are friendly and professional. I am very pleased with both
the procedure and the result. Thank you!!

by Romina Nisha on 2015-10-08
Always a fantastic experience.

by Kiwoba Allaire on 2015-10-03
Dr. Sinha and her Team are Awesome! Reasonable pricing, honest
recommendations, and excellent customer service. Very comfortable office, I fell
asleep during my whiting session

by Ryan Yamagata on 2015-09-23
The appointment was punctual and efficient. There were explanations before the
procedures. A very pleasant experience.

by Ryan Yamagata on 2015-09-16
I had a molar crown fall off on a Saturday and emailed Dr. Sinha that evening hoping
to get it taken care of ASAP. Well to my surprise I received a reply on Sunday saying
I could have it done on Monday AM. I thought”Am I dreaming this never happens?”
Well I wasn’t dreaming and it did happen. Also, I’m a new patient so it even takes it to
a higher level. Truly amazing place and I’m fortunate to be a patient there.

by Victoria Lingad on 2015-09-10
Very friendly and polite staff. They accepted my medi cal insurance. Felt like the
cleaning was a lot shorter than expected. I haven’t gotten a cleaning in 2 years and
am used to my previous hygienist (when I was under my moms insurance) spending
lots of time scraping, but they did mention that my teeth were pretty good for not
going to the dentist for 2 years so that could be the reason. Or maybe bc they
accepted medi cal so it’s just super basic cleaning. I won’t be sure until they find
something wrong with my teeth so I’m just grateful to be healthy. Overall, I had a
pleasant experience.

by Dangthu Ta on 2015-09-05
Great services!

by Ashlyn Davis on 2015-09-04
I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Sinha! My fiance and I started to go here and have
been telling all our friends and family about the services this establishment provides.
From office staff, dental assistants, to the doc herself, they are all very caring and are
awesome at what they do! I actually look forward to going and trust the work being

by Larry Cassou on 2015-08-20
Great service and friendly environment.

by Shefali Bhargava on 2015-08-14
An efficient setup, got my cleaning appointment done in 20 minutes and even got a
bonus teeth whitening after that. The staff is very friendly and Extremely considerate
of any discomforts during the processes.

by Saravanan Ramamoorthy on 2015-08-06
4.5 Very good care. Accommodative for appointments and billing.

by Kanchana Aarumugamangalam on 2015-07-31
Most caring n knowledgeable team of oral care…always a pleasure to go back for
treatment and regular cleaning:)

by Anon on 2015-07-23
Staff was nice, dentist was prompt, my daughter felt comfortable and enjoyed the
experience. When I tried to reschedule an appt. the wait for another one was 2
months out.. Other than that everything was perfect!!

by Michelle Dellenbaugh on 2015-07-21
My family and I just switched to this office and I had the first visit. All the staff were
friendly and helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Sinha did part of my cleaning!
All the work was explained and the gentle cleaning approach was actually not
stressful. The use of digital technology (X-Rays, camera to take pictures of some
problem areas in my mouth,computer screens to show my teeth) was impressive. I
appreciated being able to sit with someone who explained the insurance coverage for
future work I needed. I was able to view my teeth on the computer screen and see my
invoice. My husband’s and children’s appointments are next and I’m confident that
they will be just as happy with their visit.

by Dr Ria Singh on 2015-07-10
Dr. Milu and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend Dr.
Milu for all of your dental needs. My root canal was a breeze and I’ve had no troubles
with my tooth since she worked on it. A+!

by Priya Jha on 2015-06-25
We had an excellent experience at Dr Sinha’s office. Both my kids had a fun time
getting their annual checkups as the staff was very friendly. Especially to mention
Vera, she worked wonders on my 3 year old. I still remember my daughter was not at
all happy to get her teeth checked on the last annual checkup. This time she
cooperated so well and all the credits go to Vera. Dr Sinha is also very patient,
friendly and explains the stuff so well. We immediately took appointments for
ourselves seeing the organized way of working at the office. I totally recommend this

by Marnie Singer on 2015-06-21
Both dentist and hygienist were very gentle, explaining what they were going to do
before they did it. Very much appreciated. One little suggestion: I like it when, before
starting to work on me, the dentist comes around and makes face-to-face connection
with me; and afterwards, I like to see her without looking at the binocular glasses. The
people-contact is important to me and gives me more confidence. As it is, if I saw you
at the grocery store, I don’t think I would even recognize you!

by Anon on 2015-06-12
Great dentist, very gentle and patient!

by Zlata Stojanovic on 2015-06-10
Everybody in the office is nice. Dr. Sinha is an excellent dentist.

by Pawan Kumar on 2015-06-08
Thankyou for accomodating me on short notice.

by Anon on 2015-06-05
Great staff, very friendly and welcoming! My 4 year old was not at all looking forward
to getting her teeth looked at, but they did such an amazing job at helping her calm
down by showing her all of the tools they were going to use and letting her touch
everything beforehand so that she wouldn’t be afraid. I’m glad I chose this place and
will definitely be going back!

by Anon on 2015-06-03
Always a pleasure to go. Everyone is great.

by Anon on 2015-06-03
Always a great experience. Everyone is so nice and helpful.

by Deepa Maheshwari on 2015-05-21
Yes it was v comfortable visit . She knows her work.

by Hamideh Fatahian-Tehran on 2015-05-20
friendly staff, helpful and they accommodated my needs! much appreciated the

by Zlata Stojanovic on 2015-05-19
Everybody in the office is very nice and courteous. Dr. Sinha is patient and ready to
answer all questions and discuss every option available to her patients.

by Anon on 2015-05-02
Great place

by Shirley Henry on 2015-05-01
Let me first start off with saying I have a sever fear of dentist and that fear was part of
what kept me from seeing a dentist for over 10 years. The entire staff team at Smile
Zone were the most caring, understanding, gentle, and most patient dental office I
have ever seen. I wish I could give this office 100 star rating. The dentist and each
and every staff member go the extra mile to make you feel as comfortable as
possible. For me I had not seein a dentist for more than 10 years I had to have
multiple root canals done (ouch right) NO! The same day and even by the next day I
felt little to no pain after the root canals. The staff went above and beyond to put my
nerves at ease and they did a terrific job. I can’t thank everyone at Smile Zone
enough for the top notch service and care they provided to me. I will be scheduling
appointments for my husband and my children as well. I would recommend Smile
Zone to anyone looking for a kind, gentle, and caring dentist. Thank You to all the
staff at Smile Zone Family Dental you are truely amazing.

by Carlos Cacilhas on 2015-04-30
My experience was very nice.Everybody was very nice,caring and very
understanding.Especially DDS dentist Milu Sinha.Im very happy with my visit 🙂

by Amit Chakrabarty on 2015-04-30
Dr.Milu does a great job and makes it reallly painless visit to the dentist. Had a great
experience with very helpful staff . I was running late due to a last minute conflict and
they helped me rescheudle the appointment around my convenience .

by Vivek Verma on 2015-04-27
Excellent service.

by Kanchana Aarumugamangalam on 2015-04-24
The best dental care in my experience!!! For the first time, my kids look forward to
their dental appointments. Knowledgeable doctors, friendly staff, a very caring team
indeed! Finally got over my phobia of dentist chairs…thanks Dr. Milu and team!!!

by Anon on 2015-04-21
Dr. Sinha is good at explaining dental problems, the possible solutions and
out-of-pocket costs related to insurance coverage.

by Julbre Estrada on 2015-04-15
She was in & out so quick!!! She was comfortable & happy when she was done. A
happy kid a happy mom ! Thanks smile zone dental… Again!

by Anon on 2015-04-11
The office is immaculately clean. The front desk is very helpful, professional and
accommodating with the appointments. Dr.Sinha is very gently and clearly explains
every procedure. It was a pain free experience.

by Kaili Powell on 2015-04-11
The staff here is great. They are patient and helpful. I had to get a tooth pulled and
they did it at easy as possible. I give four stars for their service, attitudes and clean

by Surjit Hundal on 2015-04-09
Dr. Sinha is an excellent dentist and she along with her assistant took time to explain
everything about the procedure.

by Thomas Pulickal on 2015-04-06
well experienced and knowledgeable staff from the front desk to the exam chair. I had
my tooth crown almost 1 year ago with minimal pain and all care was taken to make
sure the crown blend in with other tooth so that you cannot tell the difference when
you bite your teeth.

by Anon on 2015-04-05
Happy we found smile zone. Dr explained what and why our tooth to be fixed and
after visit we forgot our tooth problem.

by Lopeti Tautuaa on 2015-04-02
The dentist explain to me what she was gonna do my teeth. The personal in the office
very friend and helpful.

by Leticia Macias on 2015-03-28

Recently I had a root canal procedure and am very happy with the results! It is so

wonderful to be pain free! When I initially told the doctor about my gum and tooth
pain, I felt that she and her staff truly cared about my situation. Dr. Sinha did
everything to figure out what the problem was and once she confirmed I needed a
root canal, she clearly explained why the pain was so intense and patiently reviewed
root canal procedure. The procedure went smoothly and I am grateful to Dr. Sinha
and friendly staff.

by Anon on 2015-03-12
Dr. Sinha did a great job with my crown. She explains everything during the process
and the procedure was quick and painless. Best dentist I’ve seen in my 41 years. The
staff is also great!

by Hari Raja on 2015-03-05
I’m glad me & my family have switched over to SmileZone over the last year. My 6 &
9 year olds have gotten so comfortable that the ‘trip to the dentist’ is met with zero
apprehensions. The futuristic glasses with Netflix (Ninjago) saved the cavity filling visit
for my 6 year old.

By  Karolick on 2015-03-05
The staff here always does an amazing job! Any worries or bad gagging I have, they
work wonderfully with me. We moved over here from Fl and a co-worker
recommended this office to us. I highly recommend this office.

by Debbie Hunter on 2015-02-18
My experience so far have been fantastic. The staff is wonderful. Friendly and will go
out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

by Leticia Macias on 2015-02-16
My visit was a great experience. The doctor and staff are very friendly, patient and
informative. I truly felt that I received the very best care and my future dental needs
were explained in a simple manner. I will definitely be going back for follow-up care.

by Gautam Sankar on 2015-02-13
My son loves the place and hospitality which he received from Dr. Sinha

by Jennifer Bugarini on 2015-02-09
Dr. Sinha and her staff always show genuine concern for how I feel and what I need.

by Anon on 2015-01-28
Dr Sinha is not only a great dentist but a phenomenal person. I recently got a cavity
filling done at her office. She walked me through where the cavity was, what were the
implications of ignoring this, what the cavity filling process will look like and what I can
do to avoid this in future. She also walked me thru the cost breakup and out of pocket
expense for me. The process itself was done with great caution, care and
professionalism. She kept walking me thru the process as it was happening to lower
down my anxiety. And finally when the procedure was over, she mentioned how to
take care post process. In short, I would highly recommend her.

by Anon on 2015-01-19
I had a very good first visit. Felt very welcome and confident the work was going to be
done right.

by Anon on 2015-01-15
The dentist and her staff have done an excellent job of scheduling me. They are on
time. They perform dental work gently. They treat me with respect.

by Anon on 2015-01-13
Excellent service

by Ason Estrada on 2015-01-13
Awesome services -my kids are very happy!!

by Sung Choe on 2015-01-09
Dr. Sinha and her staff are warm and very professional. I was not that that fond of
going to the Dentist as I relate pain to the word “Dentist”. Still she made my visits go
smoothly and always took into consideration of my fear. She and her staff always
made sure that I felt at ease before any dental work started. Her clear explanation on
what the procedure is and why I need them only increases my confidence in her
ability. I would recommend Dr. Sinha to anyone looking for a great Dentist in the area.

by Felice Yanez on 2015-01-02
Great dentist!! Assistant is also great and so is receptionist!! Very good place to bring
the whole family

by Kenneth Davis Cordeiro on 2014-12-30
First off, it had been a while since I’d been to a dentist before seeing Milu Sinha at
Smile Zone Family Dental. I grew a fear of seeing a dentist as I’m sure many people
have. Going to Smile Zone Family Dental ended up being a great choice for me. Milu
Sinha and her assistant are gentle and have light hands. They will make you
comfortable and let you know what will be going on. Also, if you have any concern
about pain, they will help you along the way and make every visit painless. Everyone
there is very nice and helpful. The receptionist makes you feel very welcome when
you walk in, the dental assistant is sweet and makes you feel comfortable, and Milu
Sinha is very professional and will help you as much as she can to get a healthy

by Anon on 2014-12-19
Very helpful staff. Very nice doctor. If I had option I woukd give them more stars.

by William Elkins on 2014-12-09
My Dental Visit with Dr. Sinha was very Educational and she was very Gentile with
the Dental Procedure we had agreed apron. Also Ms. Melissa was very helpful with
my Dental scheduling needs due to my work schedule. I would highly recommend Dr.
Sinha to anyone looking for a Great Dentist.William E

by Anup Mohan on 2014-12-05
Very friendly and caring doctor. I would recommend her to my friends and family.

by Ason Estrada on 2014-12-04
My did not complain – was in & out back to class quickly!! Thank you !! It’s important
to us.

by Abigail Romo on 2014-12-02
5 star

by Jennifer Chand on 2014-12-02
Love this place. Took my 2 year old in for his 1st time & they did an amazing job with
him. The office made sure he was comfortable by telling him what every instrument
did before even checking his teeth. He loved it at the dentist and even let them clean
his teeth! He was very entertained by the play room too. Highly recommended. This
office is terrific for both kids and adults.

by Samiah Seymore on 2014-12-02
My 3 and 6 year old children have always been afraid of the dentist and have both
had terrible experiences before. Since joining Dr. Sinha’s group they LOOOOVE
going to the dentist and are happy to go each time. The office staff is very nice and
are very patient with them both, they explain everything being done in a very kind way
and put them at ease each time. My 12 year old is also a patient and likes the office
very much, the office is open early, late and on weekends which helps accommodate
our busy schedules as well. The office is VERY prompt in answering calls / returning
messages, and I have never had a concern or question unanswered.

by Jennifer Chand on 2014-12-02
After a 3 year search for the “right dentist” all 5 of our family members are happy
patients with Dr. Sinha. I have 3 young children my husband and myself, I must admit
we have all been impressed with the amount of time and care taken with each
appointment scheduled. The front and back office staff are both courteous and
professional, and they ALWAYS follow up whether it’s regarding a special (after
school) scheduling request, referrals out, or questions regarding insurance coverage,
I will definitely recommend them to any/all friends and family!

by Chloe Vasquez on 2014-11-26
Love this place. Took my 2 year old for her 1st time & they did so good with her. they
made sure she was comfortable by telling her what every instrument did before even
checking her teeth. she loved it at the dentist & even let them clean her teeth. she
also loved the play room area. highly recommend them. they are awesome with kids.
thank you.

by Valerie Friscia on 2014-11-22
They did a very good job.

by Julbre Estrada on 2014-11-15
Awesome experience my child was happy. I was super surprised appointment was
completed in 20mins.

by Samiah Seymore on 2014-11-07
The doctor is always kind to my children she takes her time in explaining procedures
step by step and making sure that they are comfortable. she has gone above and
beyond in making sure that we were happy in several situations even with referrals
out. Vera and Melissa (front and back office staff) are also amazing they are very
personable and accommodating to all of our needs. They are friendly and know us as
people not by chart number

by Anon on 2014-11-06
I needed a root canal and I was nervous about it (bad experience at another dental
office), but they did a great job. They sat me down and explained everything to me
beforehand and the procedure went very well. They even called me the next day to
see how I was feeling. They really do care about their patients.

by Anon on 2014-10-26
My best experience with how they work with kids . I think they should call themselves
a specialist at seeing kids ….seeing my kids get their work done makes me reach out
to more parents to make there kids patients HERE

by Sandra Taylor on 2014-10-22
I have never been in a dental office where the actual dentist cleans your teeth! Dr.
Sinha was so gentle and explained everything to me. She really takes pride in her
work and cares about her patients. She gives a lot of her time to her patients. Also,
this is the only dental office that I know of that has an actual toy room. The younger
kids can play in a separate area while the adult is in the dental chair.

by Jennifer Bugarini on 2014-10-22
They are very kind and compassionate. They are patient and accommodating to my
kids and provide a playroom with toys. Thanks for all your help and hard work

by Maria Serrano on 2014-10-22
Made me feel comfortable and relax

by Anon on 2014-10-21
I was very hesitant to go to a new dentist, I have to say that I had a wonderful
experience at this Dental office! The entire staff including Dr. Milu Sinha were very
friendly, professional, and very thorough! They sat with me and explained every detail
about my teeth, and the issues that I am having. I highly recommend this Dental
office! (-:

by Shakuntala Dumrewala on 2014-10-19
Dr. Sinha is a thorough professional. She gives good advice n guided me through the
process. I liked how quickly she responded back to me when I left her voicemails on
her non working day. She also helped getting through insurance approvals, flexible in
scheduling time.. I would strongly recommend her!

by Vishwajith Kannan on 2014-10-12
Awesome experience and awesome hospitality. My kids loved the way they got
treated. They just enjoyed. Would really recommend this dental office to everyone.

by Vishwajith Kannan on 2014-10-11
I visited smilezone family dental for my kids and i am totally satisfied. Everybody was
so friendly and my kids loved it. Its really a friendly place to visit so kids dont feel like
going to doctor’s visit. They have the same feeling when they go to park. I would
totally recommend this dental office to all my friends. Sujatha

by Anon on 2014-09-26
Great experience, accomodating staff

by Anon on 2014-09-24
I am usually very scared of dental work. And didn’t want my kids to have the same
feeling. But if you have doctors like Dr Milu Sinha, dental work would not be scary.
She is very friendly and works painlessly. The office is very clean. The staff is very
friendly and welcoming. Both my kids go there and had never complained. I am very
pleased with the service and would give it a 5 star rating.

by Anon on 2014-09-18
Very informative and friendly staff there

by Ashna Singh on 2014-09-06
Absolutely wonderful service…both the staff and the Dentist are an excellent team.
Informative, skilled and excellent service. Honest about pricing…flexibility with
appointments and a thorough professional, I would recommend Dr.Sinha to everyone
that needs a great dentist and staff!!!

by Dennis Sumague on 2014-08-26
We had a hard time looking for a dentist that would be very good especially for our 5
year old. We had been through different dentists and they even had recommended
sedating our kid. Dr. Sinhu was heaven sent because she was able to make our child
participate during dental check-ups and surprisingly made him like to go to dentist.
We highly recommend her to all…adult and kids alike. Staff in her office are very
friendly and accommodating too!

by Steven Holmund on 2014-08-08
New Crown Installation. Job was done easily and quickly. Unlike my last dentist who
labored long to get a good fit, and then the crown broke twice. She communicates
clearly, and does good work. I recommend her highly.

by Felice Yanez on 2014-01-14
Very nice & clean office! Dentist and staff are very sweet, gentle and thorough in
explaining each step while they work! My son and myself were very comfortable :).
Love this place! I would definitely recommend this dentist to all!

by Anon on 2013-08-21
Very comfortable experience was beyond my. Expectation